The Grand Bazaar

by Punch The Sky


The debut album from Punch The Sky 

Released May 18, 2017 

Genre: World / Rock / Folk / Ska

With world-stretching folk influences ranging from Japanese shamisen music, klezmer and everything in between, “The Grand Bazaar” represents Punch the Sky’s ethos to celebrate the music of the world in style! Fused together with sexy sax lines, monster rock riffs and dangerous grooves with flashes of funk, ska, soul, swing and metal, you can expect “The Grand Bazaar” to deliver nothing short of the ultimate party album!


Benjamin Hill - Soprano Saxophone
Patrick Lester-Rourke - Bass Guitar
Matt Price - Electric Guitar
Jake Thornton - Alto Saxophone
Ben Weatherill - Drums
Josh Wunderlich - Vocals and Electric Guitar

Engineered by Patrick Lester-Rourke, Matt Price, Ben Weatherill and Josh Wunderlich at Birmingham Conservatoire.

Guitar engineering by Matt Price.

Mixing by Ben Weatherill and Punch The Sky.

Mastering by Patrick Lester-Rourke

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