Crossing Lines

by Anna Maria Olsson


Released May 8, 2016 

Genre: Minimalism, Contempory Classic, Multi-track Violin

This album is the outcome of my final year major project as part of my degree at Birmingham Conservatoire, UK. The concept is to explore the musical possibilities of a single violin by stepping outside the frame that we call 'classical music’.

The violin is often stereotyped as a classical instrument, although it is fundamentally a musical instrument like any other - with an extended variety of colours and musical possibilities. I have therefore chosen to write for multi-tracked violin, seeking inspiration from a variety of styles - particularly folk, minimalism, funk and world. Most pieces are based on improvisation - a fundamental part of all music making that is rarely mentioned in the classical music world.

As a result, I hope that this album will contribute to the destruction of the walls and preconceptions that separate musical genres as well as the stereotypical image of the violin as a classical instrument.

I also hope that this album will be enjoyed by a broad range of listeners, and open people’s ears and minds towards the musical possibilities outside the frame of a particular genre.


Performed by Anna Maria Olsson

Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Ben Weatherill

Artwork by Sofia Bergvall