Hi, I'm Ben, and I make music!


With experience spanning 10 years and with two highly awarded degrees, Ben has seen the completion of over 600 recording projects and over 50 composition projects including over 20 short films, art installations and 2 video games.

Gaining substantial press attention with one of his latest compositions and productions ‘Morph for Two Saxophones and Reverb’ which Sound On Sound, Audient and various other audio companies shared across the globe, Ben is striving to create music that is not only engaging and familiar, but new! Ben has also received tuition and master classes from some of the worlds best, including The Beatles mixing legend Ken Scott, ELOs Jeff Lynne, Take That and ELO musical director, Mike Stevens, and Sony mastering engineer David Mitson.


“I advertised for someone to compose the soundtrack for my multi-projector installation “Elemental”, which needed to be as immersive as possible through its use of visuals and sound. Ben took this advert up and we began discussing the project. Already I could sense his enthusiasm for his work and he was very excited about the project.

After providing him with visual inspiration, a plan of my needs, and technical requirements he got to work on composing 4 pieces of music that would represent the elements of Fire, Water, Earth, and Light. At this point I was abroad for a week, but already I felt my project was in safe hands with Ben.

When I returned to the country, I heard the first draft of Fire and this began the regular occurrence of me being astounded by his work. Not only did it end up being better than I could have imagined, it provided endless inspiration for my visual work when animating alongside it. I would receive regular updates from Ben and always felt like he shared an interest in my progress also.

Alongside composing the music for the project, he also animated the sound within a quadrophonic setup, demonstrating his high level of technical competency using the equipment at the Birmingham Conservatoire. This was also demonstrated heavily during the rigging period, and again I felt like the audio setup of my installation was in very safe hands.

To this day I am still blown away by the music that Ben created for Elemental, and I’m very lucky to have come across someone as competent, passionate, and hard-working as he is. I look forward to working with him on future projects.”

William Marler - Animation Filmmaker and Motion Graphics Artist - wmad.co.uk

Ben recorded our debut album Beata Virgine: The Music of Lassus & Morales. We could not have asked for a more professional or friendly service, and the results were frankly stunning! From the very beginning of the project, Ben was on hand to offer reliable and excellent advice on the best way forward, and fully immersed himself in the project. The sessions themselves were extremely smooth, and the mixing sessions were a breath of fresh air, as Ben’s calm and professionalism carried so strongly through. It was a real pleasure to work with someone who has such a broad appreciation for all music, regardless of style, and a drive to give the best possible results on any project. I cannot commend him highly enough!

Joshua D. Xerri – Director of The Lassus Consort

“Ben Weatherill has the drive it takes to get things done in the music business. He has an emotionally mature and creative attitude towards his compositions (many of which I have heard and some of which I have performed), and is a fun and friendly person to be around. When performing Ben has the same creativity as when composing, and always strives to give the best performance he can.”

Chris Docherty - Flutist and Composer

“Ben mixed, recorded and produced my debut EP On Wenlock Edge for my major project and was fantastic! He put in many hours of his own time and was always available for contacting about any questions. He also invited me along to the mixing sessions so that I could get the exact result I wanted and opened my eyes to the amount that can be achieved at that stage! Furthermore he followed the project through and adjusted the album artwork so that it could be sent through to the distributors with ease.

Ben is first and foremost a fantastic guy to have around and his technical ability is an incredible asset which all would be wise to utilise.”

Robert Tilson - Opera Singer

“Ben did a great job recording and producing my debut album Crossing Lines, an album consisting of original music for multi-tracked violin. The project was technically demanding on both parts, but Ben put in extra time and effort to make sure that everything sounded exactly the way I wanted. Furthermore, he was always willing to answer questions, give professional advice and discuss ideas. Not only is Ben good at what he does, he is also a pleasure to work with!”

Anna Maria Olsson - Violinist and Composer

“Ben Weatherill helped me with my final university project and did a fantastic job. I created an album of minimalist music for saxophone and saxophone quartet. This album is called Less Is More. Ben recorded and produced the album and did such a fantastic job that I achieved a First for it. I would recommend Ben for any recording work or project. Ben is great to work with and will always work to a high standard.”

Lucille Price - Saxophonist

“Ben took into account all my musical ideas and how I wanted them to translate in my music. He really provided me with a tailor-made experience whilst adding his own flare to the production.”

Rosie Tee - Singer, Songwriter and Composer